We teach. You create. Virtually.

Enjoy Nailed It® at Home!

Allow our Art-Tenders to guide your party experience online and bring the studio to you! Virtual parties are great for everyone and can be shared all over the country!

How to Nail your Virtual Party:

You Host the Party Locally.
You pick up the kits at the studio.
You deliver the kits to everyone’s doorstep.

Your guests have the option to pick up
their kits at the studio.
Youth Activities
You invite friends from all over the country.
Tell your friends to go online and purchase
their project and shipping option.

You host or we host:

You Host

You can decide to be the instructor and lead your guests through their project. We will provide you with helpful tips and tricks to make it a success! Simply choose “I will Instruct My Guests” on the form below. We will create a link for your party invitees and send you all of the information you need.

We Host

Let us do what we do best and instruct and lead your party! For a small fee, your group will be led by a Nailed It® Art-Tender! Simply select “I would like a Nailed It® Art-Tender to lead my party” on the form below and we will contact you for scheduling.

Fill out the form below to request a virtual party.

The studio owner will be in touch soon to arrange all the details. Once the party is added to our system, your guests may register for your event online and choose to pickup or ship their materials. If you choose to pay for an instructor, we will set up the registration, set up the online event, have an instructor present at the agreed upon time